Flashing Linux on Xavier to move the environment from QNX

Hi all,

On our current Pegasus Xavier platform is running running QNX Drive OS 5.2.12. I want to flash the xavier with linux. But in the current sdkmanager i am not seeing any option for the linux. Can you provide any directions on how we can flash Linux on xavier after its flashed with QNX.


Hi @janakiram.sistla2
Please try logging in with your nvidia developer account.

Thank you Vick,
Here is what i see

i am trying to see if at this point it is possible to go back to linux world again on the pegasus

Does your account have the membership to the NVIDIA DRIVE Developer Program? Please your account (right top corner) to see if any information about it.

yes here it is

It looks that your account isn’t in the program. Let me check it internally and get back to you.

Thank you Vick that would really help me . Appreciate your efforts to get me into the program

Your company domain is already enabled for the program. Please join the program via NVIDIA DRIVE® AGX SDK Developer Program | NVIDIA Developer. Then you should have the membership and be able to access the Linux SDKs.

Hi Vick,

I removed my existing sdkmanager and freshly installed and logged in again. I dont see the option to install linux as shown in the release notes

i can only see the target operating system as QNX still.

Do i still need to register any where separately to see Linux under target OS

Do you follow the below in the page?

I did not really need to join now , it allowed me to enter into member area directly.

Are you sure you logged in with “NVIDIA DEVELOPER” instead “NVONLINE”?

Vick, both NVIDIA DEVELOPER and NVONLINE i am using same with my company email id. No change in login details.

Please make sure log in via “NVIDIA DEVELOPER” and after login there should be no QNX available.

BTW, you are using ubuntu 18.04, right? which sdkmanager version are you using?

Thank you vick. That worked. I was always believing that NVONLINE will be able to do both from the sdkmanager.
I am using

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