error installing driver driver dont detect my card

Hi forum

I have a notebook asus A53S with windows 7 and an nvidia GEFORCE GT520M “CUDA 512MB”.

I have installed the

CUDA Toolkit
GPU Computing SDK - complete package including all code samples

but when i try to install the
Notebook Developer Drivers for WinVista and Win7 (275.33)

i get the error

“The nvidia installer can’t continue
This graphics controller could not find compatible graphics hardware”

“El instalador de nvidia no puede continuar
Este controlador de graficos no pudo encontrar hardware grafico compatible”

Why im getting this error, apparently, i have a cuda device.


Same problem with Acer Aspire 4830TG, win7 64, gt540m.

Heres a manual a I MADE for this kind of problem , i had the same problem so
i wanna share this manual , its a powerpoint with solutions and programs

i hope this helps :)

NVIDIA Solucion Manual DRIVER [EN] (46 Mb)!MpZAQJyZ!MySJLk3RELaahbMhx1mSz3qqDc0oPxZ__WZPx65SuLY