Can not install CUDA Develeper drivers!


We recently bought 2 evga gtx 560 ti card to use them with CUDA.
The latest “normal” nvidia driver installs fine.

When i try to install the cuda toolkit 3.2 developer driver,
it shows this: “NVIDIA installer cannot continue. This graphics driver
could not find compatible graphics hardware.”

Later i tryed to install the 4.0 cuda developer driver, it installed
succesfully, but after rebooting the device manager says that the gtx
560 ti cannot be started.

Hope someone can give me a solution,

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CUDA 3.2 predates the GTX 560 Ti, so it’s not surprising the driver doesn’t recognize the card. Just go with the newer driver you already have installed.

Thank you, i forgot to check the 3.2 driver compatibility

To get the card working with the 4.0 driver, i had to update the card’s BIOS.