Error running object recognition sample from tegra multimedia api

I followed instructions as on the documentation for jetpack 3.2.

nvidia@tegra-ubuntu:~/tegra_multimedia_api/samples/11_camera_object_identification$ ./camera_caffe -width 1920 -height 1080 -lib opencv_consumer_lib/libopen -model $HOME/caffe/models/bvlc_reference_caffenet/deploy.prototxt -trained $HOME/caffe/models/bvlc_reference_caffenet/bvlc_reference_caffenet.caffemodel -mean $HOME/caffe/data/ilsvrc12/imagenet_mean.binaryproto -label $HOME/caffe/data/ilsvrc12/synset_words.txt
opencv_handler_open is called
opencv_set_config 0
Image width 1920
opencv_set_config 1
Image height 1080
opencv_set_config 2
CAFFE model file : 0x6548a0
opencv_set_config 3
CAFFE trained file : 0x63a4d0
opencv_set_config 4
CAFFE mean file : 0x63a560
opencv_set_config 5
CAFFE label file : 0x63a5e0
opencv_set_config 6
WARNING: Logging before InitGoogleLogging() is written to STDERR
E0205 17:50:15.609386 1962 common.cpp:114] Cannot create Cublas handle. Cublas won’t be available.
I0205 17:50:15.698453 1962 net.cpp:51] Initializing net from parameters:
name: “CaffeNet”
state {
phase: TEST
level: 0
layer {
name: “data”
type: “Input”
top: “data”
input_param {
shape {
dim: 10
dim: 3
dim: 227
dim: 227

layer {
name: “prob”
type: “Softmax”
bottom: “fc8”
top: “prob”
I0205 17:50:15.699630 1962 layer_factory.hpp:77] Creating layer data
I0205 17:50:15.699728 1962 net.cpp:84] Creating Layer data
I0205 17:50:15.699775 1962 net.cpp:380] data -> data
I0205 17:50:15.801203 1962 net.cpp:122] Setting up data
I0205 17:50:15.801347 1962 net.cpp:129] Top shape: 10 3 227 227 (1545870)
I0205 17:50:15.801512 1962 net.cpp:137] Memory required for data: 6183480
I0205 17:50:15.801618 1962 layer_factory.hpp:77] Creating layer conv1
I0205 17:50:15.801797 1962 net.cpp:84] Creating Layer conv1
I0205 17:50:15.801882 1962 net.cpp:406] conv1 <- data
I0205 17:50:15.801997 1962 net.cpp:380] conv1 -> conv1
OFParserGetVirtualDevice: virtual device driver node not found in proc device-tree
OFParserGetVirtualDevice: virtual device driver node not found in proc device-tree
LoadOverridesFile: looking for override file [/Calib/camera_override.isp] 1/16LoadOverridesFile: looking for override file [/data/nvcam/settings/camera_overrides.isp] 2/16LoadOverridesFile: looking for override file [/opt/nvidia/nvcam/settings/camera_overrides.isp] 3/16LoadOverridesFile: looking for override file [/var/nvidia/nvcam/settings/camera_overrides.isp] 4/16LoadOverridesFile: looking for override file [/data/nvcam/camera_overrides.isp] 5/16LoadOverridesFile: looking for override file [/data/nvcam/settings/e3326_front_P5V27C.isp] 6/16LoadOverridesFile: looking for override file [/opt/nvidia/nvcam/settings/e3326_front_P5V27C.isp] 7/16LoadOverridesFile: looking for override file [/var/nvidia/nvcam/settings/e3326_front_P5V27C.isp] 8/16---- imager: No override file found. ----
PRODUCER: Creating output stream
PRODUCER: Launching consumer thread
Failed to query video capabilities: Inappropriate ioctl for device
libv4l2_nvvidconv (0):(792) (INFO) : Allocating (10) OUTPUT PLANE BUFFERS Layout=1
libv4l2_nvvidconv (0):(808) (INFO) : Allocating (10) CAPTURE PLANE BUFFERS Layout=0
create vidoe converter return true
CONSUMER: Waiting until producer is connected…
PRODUCER: Starting repeat capture requests.
CONSUMER: Producer has connected; continuing.
F0205 17:50:16.197484 1962 cudnn_conv_layer.cpp:53] Check failed: status == CUDNN_STATUS_SUCCESS (4 vs. 0) CUDNN_STATUS_INTERNAL_ERROR
*** Check failure stack trace: ***
Aborted (core dumped)

please do help me run this sample and thanks in advance for all the suggestions to debug this

We suggest run TensorRT and please refer to