Error: Unable to locate package cuda-command-line-tools

Jetson TX2 comes pre-installed with Linux 17.04. But while I am trying to install some of the packages, like cuda-command-line-tools using the command sudo apt-get install cuda-command-lineltools; I am facing Error: Unable to locate package cuda-command-line-tools. I have faced similar error message with many other packages. Could you please let me know what needs to be done? Should I remove Linux 17.04 and install 16.04. If this solves the issue then please let me know the process of removing Ubuntu and booting the Jetson TX2 with Ubuntu 17.04.

I’m not sure which version you are looking at since nothing newer than Ubuntu 16.04 has yet been released on the TX2. Is this the host you are talking about and not the TX2?

Normally you’d want to flash with the most recent L4T (“Linux for Tegra” is just Ubuntu with drivers added for direct hardware access on the Jetson board), currently R28.2. JetPack is a graphical front end tool to flashing and adding additional packages (such as CUDA)…currently JetPack is version 3.2, and this can install tools on both the host PC and the Jetson. This would be the recommended way to set up the Jetson.


If you were to flash without JetPack (JetPack only likes an Ubuntu 14.04 or 16.04 host, command line works from any 64-bit Linux PC), then you’d get the driver and sample rootfs downloads. If you get JetPack3.2, then this will download packages for you. Command line can only flash, it can’t install extra packages.