Error while attaching prims

Hi, I was using the new blender branch Nvidia team released, sadly I’m getting this error when trying to attach body mesh

Hi @zanarevshatyan

Could you please provide your scene for testing?

Thank you

audio2face_test_3.usd (22.8 MB)

I guess this is the right one

Thanks for sharing your file @zanarevshatyan.

I believe the Face Skin Mesh and Tongue Mesh should use the Grey Mark geometries, not your character. So to fix just select grey Mark head and click the + button.

Please let me know if you have any questions.



I’m so dump, I’m really sorry for this stupid issue, I’ve needed to test more carefully not to waste nvidia employee’s time.

Ladies and gentlemen this man is a hero☝️

no worries @zanarevshatyan glad the issue is solved.

It will be great if you could also help me the issue I’ve described in this topic


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