Error while setting up Jetson Nano

In the course
Course > Getting Started with AI on Jetson Nano > Setting up your Jetson Nano > Hello Camera

On the JupyterLab page, when I get to the step in the csi_camera.ipynb module which is labelled “Create a widget to view the image stream” I get the error message: “Error creating widget: Could not find model.”
Everything in the course up until this point has gone well.
I have no idea what this error means or how to fix it. Ir is not mentioned in the course at all.

Thanks, Gene


This issue is related to the jupyter-widgets:

Would you mind to give the suggestion a try?

$ sudo pip3 install jupyter=1.0.0


Thank you for the suggestion.

After searching further, I came upon this discussion at

where it was determined that the problem occurs when you use Firefox, and went away if you switch your browser to Chrome.
That solution worked for me.

If I try your suggestion, will it fix the issue to allow me to use Firefox instead?