Errors when running Cartpole RL example in Isaac Sim 2023.1.1

Hi~ I am learning Isaac Gym, and I run the example command following
GitHub - NVIDIA-Omniverse/OmniIsaacGymEnvs: Reinforcement Learning Environments for Omniverse Isaac Gym :

(base) pi@pi:~/.local/share/ov/pkg/OmniIsaacGymEnvs/omniisaacgymenvs$ conda activate rlgpu
(rlgpu) pi@pi:~/.local/share/ov/pkg/OmniIsaacGymEnvs/omniisaacgymenvs$ PYTHON_PATH scripts/ task=Cartpole

but I got error as:
2024-04-25 08:52:42 [8,386ms] [Error] [] [py stderr]: Error executing job with overrides: [‘task=Cartpole’]

Error executing job with overrides: [‘task=Cartpole’]
2024-04-25 08:52:42 [8,533ms] [Error] [] [py stderr]: Traceback (most recent call last):

Traceback (most recent call last):
2024-04-25 08:52:42 [8,533ms] [Error] [] [py stderr]: **
2024-04-25 08:52:42 [8,533ms] [Error] [] [py stderr]: File “/home/pi/.local/share/ov/pkg/OmniIsaacGymEnvs/omniisaacgymenvs/scripts/”, line 145, in parse_hydra_configs
** task = initialize_task(cfg_dict, env)


I can pass the test for IsaacSim
But I can not figure out what cause the Isaac Gym error.
Can anybody give me some suggestion?

My Environment is:
Ubuntu: 20.04
Driver: 525.85.05
Neclus: 2023.2
Cache: 2023.2
Isaac Sim: 2023.1.1
Isaac Gym:
The console output is attached as an html as: (7.4 KB)

and the process captured as :

Thank you for your patience and look forward to your advice!

Have you tried running with a smaller num_envs? Other tasks work?