Ethernet on SX6036


I would like to know if all SX6036 (not the SX6036G) are able to do pure Ethernet switching out of the box (with the “system profile ethernet-single-switch” command at the console) or if they require an additional license.

Thank you !

The SX6036 requires Gateway license to run Ethernet.


you should expect ~200nsec latency. See more info here:

Seen the dataset already, but no info on IPoIB performance.

Any clue where to look?



Thanks Ophir.

Do you have an idea of the approximate IPoIB throughput and latency (CM and UM) we can expect between 2 hosts with ConnectX-3 (MCX354A-FCBT) connected via the SX6036 ?


My experience using fio, on SDR, DDR, and QDR links, shows that IPoIB is about 2x as fast with 1/2 the latency of 10Gb ethernet.

I’ve not gotten my ConnectX-2 cards to go into ethernet mode and so I have not tested that and I don’t have eth enabled Mellanox switches.

But IPoIB rocks compared to 10Gb equipment and NFS over RDMA is just stunning - you’ll have a hard time finding any file system that can

feed it at a fraction of it’s potential.

If you’re talking about databases - IPoIB is about 1/2 the latency - nothing like what you’ll get if you can go native RDMA.

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