IS5030 and SX6036 questions about licenses

Hi, after I had a “bad sale” with a Mellanox IS5030 I learned that I need one with a license for the “subnet manager” and Fabric IT and I must ask the seller if there is one… can pls someone explain which funcitnality is covered by the license called

LK2_EFM_Config_ ?

I got response from two companies who sell used IS5030 with that license. The IS5030 obviously was sold without license before 2012, and most models built in 2012 or after do have a sticker on the pull out strip.

And does the SX6036 provide management functionality out of the box (and 36 ports and 40 GBe) or do I also have to take care for licensed / unlicensed features? As I heard the “ethernet gateway” is in fact a separate license… what is this license exactly doing? Routing Ethernet to the 1 GBit RJ45 interface in case a SFP+ connect with 10 GBE to a native ethernet card is used? There are some split cables they split 1x 40 Gbit to 4x10 GBe

Hello Andreas,

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Please see the following link regarding to the LK2_EFM FabricIT manager →

For the SX6036 switch, even though it is a VPI switch, for L2-L3 Ethernet functionality, you need to purchase the Gateway license for this functionality. You can purchase the license through our webstore →

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