If I reset the SX6036G to factory default, can I use the gateway function?

If I reset the SX6036G to factory default settings, can the subnet manager and gateway functions continue to be used?

Or is it necessary to install the license again?

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Based on the information provided, page 263 from the MLNX_OS UM (version 3.6.8012), will explain in which combination of the ‘reset-factory’ command will delete the licenses or retain the licenses.

You can download the UM through the following link → https://mellanox.my.salesforce.com/sfc/p/500000007heg/a/1T000000cBjm/Cz08O7M8OsOX_1wcJvlZeLMXiQWcqW5jxJLGd4Zpujc

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