How can I find SX6036G Switch GUID on CLI?

I purchased 2 of SX6036G Gateway Systems.

I met a problem in configure SM at add a Root nodes that switch GUID.

I used 4036, 5035 Fabric IT based system that has a Fabric Inspector or ibnetdiscover cli command.

But, SX6036(G) and later system change Fabric Inspector license to optional.

Sure! I can find my switch GUID on a seperate host which installed Mellanox OFED or old 4036 system.

I saw a link below.

Mellanox LIC-Fabric-Inspector Enhanced IB Diagnostics License for FOR 1 MANAGED NODE - Mellanox Store End-to-End Networking Solutions | NVIDIA

This is a 1 node license.

I think node means that equiped a HCA on system.

But this is a switch.

Should I must buy at least lot of 36 LIC-Fabric-Inspector licenses per my SX6036G?

The one node license means that the license is only for one switch. Once the license is installed on the switch it supports up to 648 ports.

Thank you for your answer.