Exporting GI and AO data from Omniverse (Create or View)

Hello everyone, in the past I wrote a program using Optix that calculated Global Illumination and Ambient Occlusion and then exported the values into vertex attributes as vect4 (GI as the first 3 floats and AO as the quantum).
Now I wonder if it is possible to do the same thing with the Omniverse SDK or calculate the GI/AO using Pathtrace and export the values as “attributes” of the Mesh.
This to then import them into my OpenGL graphics engine that already exists.I have a GL shader that uses the data above as vec4.
Such as Pixar “primvars:ao” and “inputs:occlusion” for Ambient Occlusion (see Here)
A. Delle

Hello @easyarchitect! I directed your question to the development team. I will post as soon as I hear back.

Thanks for the reply, let me explain, I saw from the presentations that it is possible to export the Global Illimination and Ambient Occlusion calculation data as images.
My question is: would it be possible to calculate the values of GI and AO on each vertex of the mesh, assign them to an attribute (vertex color) and then save the mesh in a USD file having then access to AO and GI values per vertex ( 3 float x GI color +1 float x AO value ) ?