Factory resetting jetson agx orin

hey all, i messed up installing zed sdk, i want to remove everything from the jetson agx orin (i want to remove all the files from it) and revert it to factory settings. any way to do that without using a separate machine?

There is no such method without another host machine.

im using another host machine to do the process now, it notified me that some storage might not be available, would this pose an issue would the sdk manager overwrite it?

What does that mean “some storage might not be available”? On the x86 host machine or on the jetson?

on the host machine sdkmanager gui

I don’t know what you issue you are talking about. Sdkmanger needs to install some tools and BSP to your host machine first. And then use those tools to flash the BSP to your jetson.

It will occupy disk space without doubt.

right now i’m back in the office, it says it is installing but the sdkmanager is frozen, should i restart the application?

Please at least take a photo or screenshot of what got frozen. Otherwise I really don’t know what error you got there…

the SDKManager on the host machine is stuck and frozen (we can disregard the storage issue let’s hope it can overwrite the old OS). should i restart the application again?

How long did that flash process get stuck in 11% ? If it is over 10 min, please press the "PAUSE’ and there would be a “EXPORT LOGS” button on your sdkm GUI. Click it and share me the log file.

the pause button is stuck too im afraid

Then restart the flash process again please.

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