Reset my Jetson Orin NX to factory settings

I had a problem with my jetson orin nx, it no longer lets me log in even though the password is correct, so now I would like to restore it to factory settings (remove everything except the operating system if possible), but clearly not being able to log in I can’t do it from the terminal (I tried all the combinations alt-ctrl-f1/f2/f3/… but they don’t work…, the screen goes black and then nothing comes out and the screen goes into rest mode…) Please I need help! Thanks in advance to anyone who replies.

There is no such thing called factory settings.
Please just re-flash with SDK Manager.

Could you give me the link to the guide to follow to do what you’re telling me? When I bought the jetson, the 5.1.1 operating system was pre-installed by the dealers. Thank you

Are you using a DevKit or a custom carrier board?
If it’s a DevKit (Orin Nano DevKit), follow the guide for SDK Manager:
If it’s a custom carrier board, contact the board vendor for help.

this is my jetson orin NX :

Can I do anything or should I contact them?

Contact the vendor for how to flash the device.

ok thanks!

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