Fail to add 2 camera in single i2c

Hi Nvidia Team,
I’m trying to connect 2 ov2311 camera board (2 lane) to xavier nx 2 lane camera port . Following thing i tried in dtsi file.

  1. Inside i2c0 node i compatible one camera and other camera is on i2c1.
  2. both the camera compatible in i2c0 node only.
  3. one camera i compatible in 4 lane port and other camera is connect in one of the 2 lane port .
    All the above scenario , instead of probing both the camera , only one camera i’m able to probe which is not our actual use case.

Can you please help me in these?

Sorry for the late response, have you managed to get issue resolved or still need the support? Thanks

Check the kernel message if any error while sensor driver probe(). Also review your dts carefully.

in the dmesg log, I’m able to see both cameras are detected and bound , apart from this one more thing I found i.e couldn’t create debugfs
I don’t know whether it is a warning or an error.