Failed to restore orin nx nvme

Hi!I am now trying to restore the image I backup before,but it failed with some problem,I want to make sure I am doing it right.
I restore the image by:sudo ./tools/backup_restore/ -r p3768-0000+p3767-0000

Hi MaxineZ,

What’s your carrier board for Orin NX?

Have you referred to the following thread about backup and restore the data in NVMe?
How to clone Orin NX APP partition to host PC - #6 by lhoang

Is it matter with the carrier board?
I have already view the thread but actually I can’t understand.
I just found this and follow the readme text.

It seems that my backup operation is successfully finished,but when I tried to restore,it failed and I don’t know how to debug.

It should work with both devkit and custom carrier board.

Have you replaced all mmcblk0 reference with nvme0n1 in scripts?

Please also provide the serial console log from your board when you are failed in restoring.

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