OrinNX 16GB Restore Trouble

After much research, I am stuck on attempting to restore a backed up image. I Have followed the following resources that closely match the hardware that I am working with:

and am able to successfully create a backup image, however using the restore function, I get an error of:

Run command: 
ln -s /proc/self/fd /dev/fd && mount -o nolock [fc00:1:1::1]:/home/zebes/Documents/Linux_for_Tegra/tools/backup_restore /mnt && /mnt/nvrestore_partitions.sh -n 
 on root@fc00:1:1::2
/mnt/images ~
nvrestore_partitions.sh: Use the default nvpartitionmap.txt as the index file.
partx: specified range <1:0> does not make sense

This is using a custom seeed studios A607 carrier board with a 512gb NVMe SSD and the target of the restoration is the exact same hardware.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Commenting out the lines 284 to 288 in the nvrestore_partitions.sh had no impact.

Turns out, it was simply the USB cable I was attempting to use.

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Thanks for sharing the solution.

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