Failed to run DOCA l2_reflector on the host side


I am trying to run the DOCA 2.2 example application, l2_reflector. I’ve noticed that when I invoke the DOCA l2_reflector from the DPU ARM side, it runs successfully. However, when I try to invoke it from the Host x86 CPU side, I am encountering the following errors:

  • flexio_create_prm_thread 395 - Failed to create PRM thread object. Error number is 121.
  • create_thread 168 - Failed to create thread
  • flexio_event_handler_create 255 - Failed to create thread
  • [05:17:48:564784][DOCA][ERR][L2_REFLECTOR::CORE:122]: Could not create event handler (-1)

My host system is running Ubuntu 22.04 with DOCA 2.2. I’ve also confirmed that two ib devices, mlx5_0 and mlx5_1, are detectable on the host x86 CPU side.

Any assistance in resolving these issues would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.