Failing to flash Xavier AGX at 0.8%

hello abhimanyu.raju,

you’ll need to enable usb-c port for image flashing,
please also check Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit Quick Start Guide for the hardware connections,

I am not getting a probing failure error as before, but getting an ECID read failure as shown in the image below

Also, I have connected the USB-C cable next to the buttons as shown in the above shared Quick Start Guide.
I have connected power and entered FORCE RECOVERY mode too.

The SDK manager is really confusing! When I attempt to program the Xavier AGX with utility, I get a probe failure

However, I do not see any such probing failure with sdkm logs.

hello abhimanyu.raju,

is this a brand new Jetson AGX Xavier devkit, or, you’re having odmfuse before?

This is a brand new board trying to boot for the first time.

hello abhimanyu.raju,

are you using a Laptop, or you had setup a virtual machine for the host environment?

Laptop running Ubuntu 16.04 natively

I finally got it going with the suggestion shared in this post.

sudo apt-get remove tlp

Was what was required.