Failure to flash a jetson orin dev kit using - mmcblk0p1 not found when booting

Hello there,

I am using a jetson-agx-orin-devkit and I’m trying to flash it to emulate different orin cards. My host machien is running on ubuntu 22.04, I’m using NVIDIA SDK Manager as well.
When updating / repairing my devkit to jetpack 6.0 using NVIDIA SDK Manager, it works, but when I try to flash the jetson dev kit with the script, the flashing part from the host side is correct but the jetson fails to boot.
I used the BSP package downloaded by SDK manager directly (under the JetPack_6.0_DP_Linux_DP_JETSON_AGX_ORIN_TARGETS repertory), and I tried the following command:
sudo ./ jetson-agx-orin-devkit-as-nx-16gb.conf mmcblk0p1
When the jetson is rebooting, it is looking for mmcblk0p1, which is found, then it doesn’t recognize it. The intermal eMMC memory, (which is supposed to be mmcblk0?), is stated as mmcblk3, and the external SD card that I use, which is supposed to be mmcblk1 according to the documentation, is listed as mmcblk4.
My jetson agx orin dev kit has the 64GB intermal eMMC, a 128GB SD card, and a 512GB SSD disk.

I am new to this flashing technique for jetson’s dev kit; I looked up the documentation for jetson agx orin dev kit and bsp as well; what did I do wrong? Perhaps I configured it wrong or I skipped something?



You are supposed to use internal instead of mmcblk0p1 for flashing.
Please follow our document closely; I think we have deprecated the usage of mmcblk0p1 for now.
As you said, eMMC is now recognized as mmcblk3, while SD card becomse mmcblk4.

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