Fatal Python error when using 'Stats System View' in Nsight systems

Version: Nsight Systems 2023.1.1
Environment: Windows 10
I use Nsight system in windows10 to analyze the “.nsys-rep” generated by CLI on Jetson AGX Orin. When I first used Nsight system, it can show the view, as shown in

Later, In order to test Nsight system of windows10 remote launch AGX Orin, I downloaded different versions of Nsight system, and finally opened the “Stats system view”, the following problem was apperaed:
Problem: ERROR:Fatal Python error:init_import_size:Failed to import the site module, as shown in:

And I also set NSYS_PYTHONIOENCODING=utf-8 in environment variable, as shown in:

If I use the same “.nsys-rep” in Linux, the content of “stats system view” can be displayed, as shown in:

I also try to uninstall all versions of nsight system and re-installed only one version of nsight system in Windows10, but the problem still could not be solved.
I guess it’s because the multiple versions of the Nsight system changed some of the system Settings, which makes this problem unfixable, but reinstalling the new Nsight system doesn’t solve the problem.So how can i solve the problem?

Hi @183066781,

Since you have trouble with NSight, I tentatively moved your topic to the top-level NSight category.

You should add what exactly you are working on, whether you compile for Jetson, x86 etc. and which IDE you are using.

Thank you!

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