Faulty SD slot


We bought 2 Nano 2 weeks ago and after few days, the sd card slot on one of the nanos can’t hold the sd card anymore (seems like the mechanism is faulty)

What shoud I do ? Has anyone ever encounter this problem before ?


Hi ihaddout, if the SD card slot is physically broken, you can RMA the unit through the distributor you purchased it through. Please see here for more info on the RMA process: https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/faq#rma-process

Alternatively, you could try unseating the module from the devkit baseboard, and inspect the SD card slot on the underside of the module more closely. Perhaps with the module removed from the baseboard, you could check if their is some foreign object or debris in the SD card slot which is preventing it from latching correctly.

This is a problem on several models of Pi as well. You may google around for fix suggestions since the mechanism is identical. There are many videos, threads, etc, on this problem with suggested solutions.

Suddenly, I got ‘No such file or directory’ while using nano, and after checking, I found that the micro sd card was ejected.
I had a problem with GPS (UART) in L4T 32.2, so this problem occurred when I replaced micro sd card several times.
This structure seems very fragile.

I ‘ve problem with Nano sd card slot too, it can’t lock the sad card . I just buy for 1 month
I think it have a mechanism problem like “Mr. Ihaddout”
What should I do? It still in warranty?

If your supplier will accept it back for a replacement, you can try that. Otherwise you can use the rma process linked in the post above by dusty_nv.