Jetson Nano

My Jeston Nano has a micro SD slot that does noit retain the card.
In othert words if I push the SD card in the slot, it does not stay in place.
I tried without luck to make it work.
Is there a workaround?
In the meantime can I replace the Nano module with another one that belongs to a newer (V2) Jetson Nano that I own?

Hi, do you mean the SD slot is broken and so can’t retain card? If so, a new slot is necessary, or you can run RMA process if can’t fix it by yourself.

Module A02 and B01 are not compatible, they can’t share same carrier board of devkit.

Hello Trumany,
Thank you for your explanation,
I temporarily resolved the problem by the use of a small strip of duct tape to keep the micro SD card fully inserted in the slot.
Now however I have a more complex problem:

I built a Jetbot exactly as per the instructions on the Jetbot Wiki from GitHub.
I dowloaded the and etched the mirror image on the SD card.
Everything works as explained until I disconnect from my PC running NVIDIA Ubuntu.

  1. Check the IP address of your robot on the piOLED display screen. Enter this in place of <jetbot_ip_address> in the next command

  2. Navigate to http://<jetbot_ip_address>:8888 from your desktop’s web browser
    You shouldn’t need to connect your robot to a monitor past this
    The instructions are a little unclear (see underscore), but entering the IP shown by the Jetbot piOLED ( or (8888) in my browser there is no way to connect to the jetbot (tried with Chrome and Firefox on my Win10 PC)

After a search on your forum, I found the following entry:
which makes reference to the previous version of the image for the sd card, but is in conflict with your wiki instructions.
I am quite enthusiastic about the JetBot and I’d like you to please shed some light on this issue so that I can continue my build.
Thanks and regards
Roberto Pensotti

Hello Roberto,

Just want to make sure you type "" in your browser, right? I am not sure why you put a “or” in your comment.

Are you able to ping the device IP from host?

I will try again and let you know.
In the meantime thank you for your prompt response.
Roberto Pensotti