How to run Jetbot on Jetson nano with third party carrier board?


I am trying Jetbot to work on the Jetson Nano with a third-party carrier board. The BSP package for Jetosn nano is taken from

First, the BSP is installed on the Jetson Device using certain instructions and then booted from eMMC and later using this Change Root File System to SD Card Directly and then booted from SD card.

After this, I flashed the Jetbot image taken from Using SD Card Image - JetBot using the Etcher tool on the same SD card.

But the device does not boot up with the new Jetbot image, the display remains ON with a black screen.

However, I can access the device using a serial connection, but not able to assign the wifi as it shows Error: No Wi-Fi device found.

Then, tried to see the system log using cat /var/log/syslog I found an issue with

I am attaching the process for installing BSP and a few system logs
Eagle-101 NANO NEW (2).pdf (677.5 KB)
systemlog.txt (3.0 KB)
Please help me where things are going wrong. Thanks.

For 3rd party carrier board, then you need to get the BSP SW from vendor, following their flash instruction to boot the device. Different carrier board has different device configuration implemented at SW, the SW images are not compatible.

@kayccc Thanks for your quick response. As I mentioned in the question we are taking the BSP SW (BSP Software) from NVIDIA. Flash instructions are already provided. We can boot up the device through an SD card using the BSP, but the overridden Jetbot image does not boot up.

“Different carrier board has different device configurations implemented at SW” Do you mean .dtb file?

It was my mistake that I had used the BSP package for Jetson Nano that has Jetpack 4.6.2. but the Jetbot image needs Jetpack 4.5 and lower versions. So the procedure remains the same except get BSP packages from here

Once the Jetbot Image is overridden on the Jetpack image using the Etcher tool, the SD card is ready to boot.

Initially, what I observed was that the display screen gets ON but remains black, but the background image is booted successfully. I could access the device through serial communication and assigned it Wifi and IP. I could see the assigned IP on the display of the Jetbot. I could access the Jupyter-lab through the assigned IP at port 8888 with the password jetbot.

Then I realized the GUI was disabled, Which I enabled by entering the following command and rebooting the device.

sudo systemctl set-default

Now Jetbot works fine. Thanks.

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