Jetbot doesnt boot with jetbot image

Hello, I have an issue with my JetBot. I have a 4GB Jetson Nano Developer Kit, and I purchased the parts for the JetBot from Waveshare. I followed the steps on to assemble it. First, I installed JetPack 4.5 on my SD card and went through the OEM configuration, setting up the name, WiFi password, etc. Once inside, I could use the internet and browse with Chromium. I did this to let the bootloader configure itself.

Afterward, I removed the SD card and connected it to my PC. I deleted all the partitions created by JetPack 4.5 and formatted it. Then, using balenaEtcher, I installed the JetBot image compatible with JetPack 4.5, named “jetbot-043_nano-4gb-jp45.” Once flashed on the SD card, I removed it from my PC and inserted it into my JetBot. However, it doesn’t boot; the screen stays black. What did I do wrong? Could you please help me? I also tried doing it with Docker, but I encountered other errors. I’m a novice in these matters.

Suggest to get the support via the JetBot github. Thanks

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