[Feature Request] Thumbnails for various texture/img files in Content Browser

Hello team! I’d love to request working thumbnails for various texture and image file extensions in the Content Browser of Create, this would make it much easier to do texture work on different projects, instead of having to rely on file names or clicking on each file to view them in a bigger window.

What puzzles me is that according to one of the video tutorials by Nvidia on youtube, the thumbnails are seemingly working, displaying his folder with .png image files just fine.

As can be seen on the 7:50 minute mark:

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for your comment. Actually you should already been able to browse various types of texture files with Create. I am not sure why it is not working for you. Please send a video of what you are seeing.

@Richard3D I suspect they are seeing no image at all and simply the default thumbnail as seen in attached screenshot:


and, not to steal the post from OP, but does Composer support .dds thumbnail at all?

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Thumbnails are not working for me neither