[Feature requests] Linux nvidia-settings need to step up for gamers

Linux is already very ready and mature for gaming market, which makes a lot of people happy.

Personally i’ve tested a lot of Native / Wine / Steam + Proton games from my collection and had a very pleasant experience so far with dxvk, d9vk and Nvidia drivers! Love it!

But there are some missing features and/or not so very user-friendly stuff with nvidia-settings for some essential features which are very easy to get on Windows:

  1. DSR as implemented on Windows (with Gaussian blur and all that magic) or at the very least just ease of adding custom resolution list higher than native, which can be exposed to games. This is super important for non high-dpi display, as it dramatically improves quality of some games (for example Dishonored).

  2. More straightforward application profiles:

    • When added new Key automatically list all Values in human-readable dropdown-input list, so user could not only manually input, but easily choose from existing options (to avoid cases like [this with AA] where you need to check nvidia-settings --query=fsaa --verbose and need to convert to HEX) this is way too much actions for very simple task.

    • Add missing Ambient Occlusion, SGSSAA, compatibility bits and a lot of other options which is real miss since there are no nvidia profile inspector available for Linux (For example i have no idea if something like that is currently possible and even if it is - for average user it’s really hard to get how https://www.reddit.com/r/Battletechgame/comments/971m33/perfect_graphics_how_to_set_up_nvidia_sgssaa_in/)

P.S. If by chance i have missed how to achieve something out of those features described - please explain how to. :)

But anyway some additional user friendliness is still very welcome for future.
Keep up the good work!

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Technically you can by changing your ‘viewport in’, I have myself tested this and it works… however you literally have to change your whole desktop resolution rendering the desktop almost unusable so it’s not a set and forget. There may be limitations with X also which prevent DSR being the same as windows.

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so it’s not a set and forget

Yeah…that was my point.

I’ve read this one btw, but had no luck myself…It changed desktop view, but had been reset back even before i have tried to launch game, so i can’t get that resolution exposed to Wine.
Can you perhaps come up with a way to do so in terminal so it can be used like prefix in Lutris / .desktop file?

Some feedback?