[FEEDBACK] Nvidia Developers please create an Ai LOD when the game start so that we game dev do not ...

[FEEDBACK] Nvidia Developers please create an Ai LOD when the game start or in the same way is done with textures so that we game dev do not need to make the different meshes reduction manually for LOD.

Dear Jensen & Nvidia Devs, Thanks for your awesome products.

I’m a Unity, Unreal, CryEngine user indie game developer. Mesh Level Of Detail [LOD] makes us mad! We lose a lot of life-times making smaller meshes and on retopology. For each individual meshes in my game, I can use tessellation for improving my mesh surface visual quality. But I can’t do the same for reducing the amount of polygon of my mesh automatically. This is well done with the textures but not with the meshes at all.

I wish that Nvidia team provide us, in this new RTX series, a specific process that handles mesh decimation, reducing the poly count, that conserves the vertex normals properly, conserves UV mapping and does not create holes in between mesh groups or islands. I wish that my mesh is reduced at game start in the same way my textures are reduced. In this way, I do not need to think about LOD that much and will be a humanity time saver. There is a chance that Mobile battery consumption will improve for those game that actually does not make LOD or for advanced 3D automatism.

TensorFlow Ai can be good for reducing typical errors of automatic decimation. That learns how to decimate properly…

Thx for your time!

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