Turing mesh shaders directx explaination?

Hi Nvidia forums!

So Nvidias staff directed me here (seems like they don’t want to help with stuff they helped engineer).

Im a modder in contact brainstorming with a game company (cant say which about an RTS game).

I have some questions about the turing shaders and their implementation in games.

First I’m hoping to get some clarification on a couple of things.

I’ve watched the Nvidias asteroid demo.

What is meant by Drawn Triangles?, is it the drawn amount of the Max LOD triangles?

Is Max LOD triangles the calculation of every triangle on screen? (or all the lods added together?)

Next up is about meshlets.

Do i need to manually split my mesh into meshlets in my preferred 3D modelling app?

Also does one need to specify how many mesh shaders the game should use?, or will the shader automatically create as many as needed until all triangles are covered by one?

The scene im thinking about ingame is about 600 million triangles max (biggest ships are 4 mil and 2 mil respectably).

Thank you and hope you can help me! :)