FFT libraries for Win32 CUDA 7.0 missing?


I recently installed CUDA 7.0 and found that the 32-bit versions of the FFT library are not installed.
In CUDA 6.5 there were libs in lib\Win32 and DLLs in bin.
Is this an oversight, or am I missing something?
(I downloaded the cufft patch zip file, and it only seems to contain 64 bit versions.)

Thanks for any help

From the CUDA 7.0 release notes:

The CUDA Toolkit no longer supports 32-bit Windows operating systems. Furthermore, the Windows CUDA Driver no longer supports Tesla and Quadro products on 32-bit Windows operating systems. Additionally, on 64-bit Windows operating systems, the following features are no longer supported by the CUDA driver or CUDA toolkit:
‣ Running 32-bit applications on Tesla and Quadro products
‣ Using the Thrust library from 32-bit applications
‣ 32-bit versions of the CUDA Toolkit scientific libraries, including cuBLAS, cuSPARSE, cuFFT, cuRAND, and NPP
‣ 32-bit versions of the CUDA samples