File explorer does not open in the extension search path window


 In the code or create app, when I open the Extensions search paths window to add or import my custom extension by clicking the + button, it adds a new row, but when I click on the open button, it does not open  the OS file explorer for me top select my extension from a local folder. Can anyone let me know how to get past this issue?

Hi @kaylan.ashley. It seems to be working for me. Can you provide details about your operating system for me? Thanks!



My o/s is Windows 10 enterprise version. Just to let you know that when I try to add a new row to include a new extension, as I mentioned it adds a new row but open button click does not open the file explorer. However, if I have any pre-existing extensions showing up in the extension search path window, there if I click the open button, it opens up the file explorer. That is a bit weird.

My colleague who installed omniverse on his box does not see this issue as he has the same operating system that I have.

I understand now. I think that is by design right now since that button is for opening a file explore to the location specified by the path. It’s not mean for browsing for a path. Nonetheless, I’ve created an internal ticket to improve that UX (OM-81484). Thank you for reporting this!

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