FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/home/ubuntu/getting_started_v5.0.0/notebooks/tao_launcher_starter_kit/mask_rcnn/specs/maskrc

Please provide the following information when requesting support.

I am getting File not found error when I am using the nvidia tao toolkit. But,I am using the same path to get the detail. It is working. Thank you in advance.

Please note that the path should be a path inside the docker.
So, please double check the ~/.tao_mounts.json to check if the mapping is correct.
See more in TAO Toolkit Launcher - NVIDIA Docs

Thanks for the suggestion and,I have changed the path of the directory as Env Specs directory. Then It is working.

While I am running the code It throws the another error.

assertion failed: [Unable to decode bytes as JPEG, PNG, GIF, or BMP]
[[{{node parser/decode_image/cond_jpeg/else/_1/cond_png/else/_71/cond_gif/else/_1/Assert/Assert}}]]

Please double check the training dataset exists.
Also, please delete the folder expriment_dir_unpruned and generate again.

Train data is already exists and I have deleted the expriment_dir_unpruned.

Still getting the same issue.

Could you please the training spec file?

maskrcnn_train_resnet50.txt (2.0 KB)
In spec file I have changed the classes from 91 to 2

Please run below and share the results.

! tao model mask_rcnn run ls -rlt /workspace/tao-experiments/data/maskrcnn/train*.tfrecord

So, the dataset is not available. Please double check the ~/.tao_mounts.json to check if the mapping is correct.

Showing the tf records after remove last section in that path

The files are all 0 size. It is not expected.

Still getting the No Such file or directory using this code ! tao model mask_rcnn run ls -rlt /workspace/tao-experiments/data/maskrcnn/train*.tfrecord

Can you share the latest command and its full log?

maskrcnn_train_resnet50.txt (2.0 KB)
My data set size is 13 images.
Do I need to change any thing in spec file

Can you share your ~/.tao_mounts.json file as well?

Suggest you to open a terminal to narrow down.
$ tao model mask_rcnn

Inside the docker, run the commands such as:
# mask_rcnn dataset_convert xxx
# mask_rcnn train xxx

When I am running in the terminal I am getting below error