Firmware update on H100 GPU

Hi, I was stuck at Validating State and Versions step when following through the Confidential Computing Deployment Guide.
It requires a minimum firmware version However, the firmware version is on my H100. The document also says that I can contact NVIDIA for help if the firmware is below the minimum requirement.

Could you please help me to update the vBIOS firmware? Thanks!

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Hi all! We also have the problem. Our VBIOS is, whereas the guide requests something later than

How should we get help on this issue? Happy to file a ticket or something, just let me know where. Thank you!

Just to follow up - we were able to contact our vendor and get the latest VBIOS.

This is the correct solution. All VBIOS update flows should be coordinated with your hardware vendor.

Hi! Could you share with me about the general procedure of upgrading VBIOS? Thanks!

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