Flash multi TX2 error

hi There,
i want to use multi flash script to flash TX2(7c18), but in sample script i found model “7c18” was ignored, and i manually run the steps, found “tegraflash.py” would report error, can not lsusb.
may i know why 7c18 is not supported?
please correct me if i’m wrong, thanks!

hello jin.wu,

  1. may I know did you follow the steps by referring to Flashing Multiple Tegra Devices
  2. what’s “7c18” means exactly? could you also share the linux standard commands for that.

“7c18” is the USB device ID of a TX2…meaning “lsusb” sees the device (but if there are multiple TX2s, then all would look the same and be ID “0955:7c18”).

Thanks, but if there are multiple TX2s with the same ID, then it’s hard to distinct which one.
second, the sample code in “Flash Multiple Tegra Devices”, i still don’t understand why 7c18 was ignored. Does it means JetPack can only flash one TX2 by one?

	case "${product}" in

I’ve never used multi-flash, so I don’t know how it actually works. On the other hand, each device has both an ID and a bus/device combination (basically a port, though it can change with re-enumeration). It would be up to the flash script to iterate through the list of all devices in the ID list by means of bus/device address (or at least that’s how I’d do it…USB does not have the equivalent of multicast).

hello jin.wu

there are bugs in the multi-flash sample code,
please refer to Topic 1038136 to update the scripts for testing.