Flash.sh script file missing?

I’m trying to ascertain where this ./flash.sh script is. It’s not on my host nor my TX2.

What are people talking about in the forums here?

If you use JetPack to flash, then one of the side effects is downloading the driver package and sample rootfs. You can also flash on command line using just the driver package plus sample rootfs (JetPack can act as a front end to the command line flash). If you have told JetPack to not clean up the old files after flash, then this will remain when done…else those files may be erased.

The driver package creates subdirectory “Linux_for_Tegra/”. This contains flash.sh.

I use Jetpack and never got the ./flash.sh

Then again, I have never been ever to Flash my Jetson properly, always had to do it in two batches, OS first, and then the Files.

Maybe I have a bad Jetson?

hello reverts,

the flash.sh is included in the release image.
please share all your steps to us, thanks

Also, if using JetPack, make sure you have not checked to remove temp files after done (I forget where that is on the menu and how it is worded, but if you don’t leave it all in place it may be removed by JetPack when done). Also, this is on the host PC…that file never goes to the Jetson.