Where do I download just the flash tools?

My system is now running Ubuntu 17.10, and JetPack refuses to install on it.

I’ve downloaded everything listed as “software” on the Jetson download site. I have kernel sources and modules and file system image and so forth.
But I can’t find the “flash.sh” script/tools.

Are these tools downloadable somewhere?

Current and historic versions are listed here:

R28.1 is here (this URL always becomes “the most recent release”):

The trick is that you must be logged in to see it. After you hit the link log in, then hit the link a second time.

FYI, driver package plus sample rootfs are what I use on Fedora since JetPack won’t work.

I had downloaded those packages already, but didn’t find the flash.sh script.
Turns out, I needed to “updatedb” again after un-tarring the tarballs that were delivered inside another tarball; then I found it in:
Thanks for the reminder!