Flash to NVMe failing with custom rootfs on Xavier NX and AGX, works for SD card

Hello Jetson Community!

I have tried to create a basic ubuntu server rootfs and use that to flash the Xavier NX / AGX with Samsung PRO 970 SSD.

  • It works when flashing to an SD card (rootfs works!)
  • I can successfully flash the NVMe with the sample rootfs (NVMe flashing works!)
  • I could flash the ubuntu server rootfs using Jetpack 4.6 (Both flashing and NVMe works!)

However, it does not work in combination of Jetpack 5.1.1 + flash to NVMe + custom rootfs.
It is important for volume manufacturability that the process of flashing is one-step.

I attached the outputs from the board UART debug as well as 2 host side CLI outputs, one for the nvidia sdk manager convenience script and one for initrd script.

Would you be able to point me how to resolve the NVMe flashing hiccup? How can I find the cause of the problem?

debug_log.txt (279.1 KB)
cli_convenience_script.txt (167.5 KB)
cli_initrd.txt (136.1 KB)

what modification did you make to the rootfs?

Hi, @DaveYYY - sorry for the delay answering!

Our base image is the standard minimal ubuntu focal, plus the standard l4t jetpack debian pacakges.

When the image is flashed to internal eMMC, the system boots and behaves completely as expected. GPU and all peripherals function exactly as expected.

However, when using the exact same image to flash/boot from the internal NVMe, the UEFI boot cannot find the NVMe root partition.

It actually looks like the flashing utility is failing to write the APP partition to the NVMe, but I am working to confirm right now.

There is no update from you for a period, assuming this is not an issue any more.
Hence we are closing this topic. If need further support, please open a new one.


sorry for the late reply.

What does the UEFI boot cannot find the NVMe root partition mean? Are you able to adjust the boot order option in UEFI?
Can you provide how to populate the custom rootfs so we can see if it’s able to reproduce it on our side