Flashing AGX Xavier

  1. Is the flashing process the same for tx2 and agx xavier?
  2. if not, would you please provide a link to the flashing instruction?
  3. Is it possible to flash agx xavier developer kit using ubuntu 20 (my laptop is ubuntu 20)?

Plese follow the steps at Install Jetson Software with SDK Manager.
It can’t work well on Ubuntu20.04 yet, please have Ubuntu18.04.


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  1. Why it doesn’t work well with ubuntu 20?
  2. Does it worth to give a try or it makes more serious problems? what is your suggestion?

1.All relevant JetPack SDKs can only work well with Ubuntu18.04.
2.Still, you can try your own, but we only support issue on Ubuntu18.04.

You might find this of interest related to “faking” being on Ubuntu 18.04 from a different Ubuntu release:

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