Reinstall help Jetson AGX Xavier

Today I installed my jetson agx xavier and thought it would be nice to directly upgrade to ubuntu 20 as I saw it was supported in order to use ROS noetic and Python3.

I then found out that ubuntu 20 does not support the jetpack SDK and now im looking for a way to reinstall my jetson but I only see solutions where I have to plug it into a PC with ubuntu 18 already installed.

As I do not have another computer at hand how can I reinstall my jetson to the original form of ubuntu 18?
Or is there support for the jetpack on ubuntu 20 that i havent seen?

Thanks kindly

Hi @simon.bazso, you will need a PC with Ubuntu installed to re-flash the Jetson AGX Xavier with SDK Manager tool. Perhaps it is possible to dual-boot a PC or laptop? And although it isn’t officially supported, some folks are able to flash from a virtual machine (running on a PC), if the USB passthrough is configured to auto-connect to the VM.

Also, you can run ROS Noetic and ROS2 Foxy on Ubuntu 18.04. Here are some containers for it -

Okay, and that machine needs to run Ubuntu 18 aswell i assume? Thanks.

It can be Ubuntu 18.04 or 16.04 on the x86_64 PC - here are the system requirements for SDK Manager: