Flashing Nvidia Xavier NX (mounted on A205 carrier board) on an SD card. Is it possible?

Hi all,
after looking online for info and clarifications I still cannot find an answer to my question:
is it possible to flash Nvidia Xavier NX (mounted on A205 carrier board) on an SD card ?
It seems quite possible to do this on external USB or SSD devices but I cannot figure out how to use an SD card istead.
Thanks in advance for the support !

No support for this usecase. Not able to “flash” to it. But you can boot from it alternatively.

How would I do that (boot from SD)?!

Just want to clarify my mistake. You cannot boot from it. But you can mount the file system from it.

The kernel would be loaded somewhere else except from that sdcard.

This command will make your kernel to mount fs from mmcblk1p1, which should be your external sdcard.

sudo BOOTDEV=mmcblk1p1 ./flash.sh your_board mmcblk1p1

But you need to prepare the fs on that sdcard from other host.

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