Fleet command , A/B Partition and OTA

We are looking for solution for OTA for the Orin NX ? we came accross different projects: mender, allxon and Fleet Command.

Any ideas if or when the Fleet command will support the Jetson eco system? and specifically Orin NX? We have a production deadline Around May and we are looking for the right candidate to provide OTA for the OS level


is there a typo? is it Orin NX or Xavier NX?
it’s JetPack 5.1 (the latest release currently) start to support with Orin NX.

The new Jetson, Orin NX
Not a typo 😊

Does the Fleet command support 5.1 jetpack devices?

No, it’s not supported, only can know this feature is under planning, but no schedule yet. Thanks

Hello @alon2 ,

This is Alex from Allxon, it’s really nice meeting you and glad to have this opportunity to support your project.

Below is the list of image OTA related information for your reference. Per our experience, different types application scenarios have different configured image payloads and Allxon team is very experienced in supporting our partners. We could arrange a meeting for learning more about your requirements and discuss how we could help here.

Allxon resource center @ Use Allxon Image-Based Over-The-Air Updates on NVIDIA® Jetson™ Devices
Allxon image OTA demo video @ NVIDIA JetPack BSP Update via Allxon OTA Service - YouTube

Should you have any question, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Best Regards,
Alex (aliu@allxon.com)

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