FreePGI for macOS Sierra update pending??

Hello –

Just wondering if the free PGI Fortran for macOS will be updated from its
current version of 16.4 to a newer version. I just upgraded to macOS Sierra and updated Xcode to 8.0 and the PGI Fortran compiler suite is not working. I am hopeful that the free PGI Fortran system team updates their download link to a higher version of the compiler to help remedy this situation.


The Free PGI OS X product is not updated in 16.10. Any new release will
come after the first of 2017.


Greetings -

Thanks for the update regarding 2017 … much appreciated, Dave.

FYI, I just reinstalled the Xcode command-line tools via the following:

$ xcode-select --install

and the free PGI package now runs great. I hope this info helps.


Just a warning - 16.9 on OS X will not work with Xcode 8.0,
but the 16.10 version should work.