Freesync Black Flickers with 495.44 on GTX 1080

I’m Trying to use my Freesync feature on the 144hz monitor, while i play games or using the vrrtest utility the screen flickers black while in VRR range of 48-144hz. the blackouts are just 1-3 sec but can be really consistent or non for a few minutes. i tried downgrading to 470.82.00 which made the problem worse. 495.29.05 seems to produce a lot less flickers but are still existing. i tried setting custom hz to 120 but no change.

On Window with the latest available game ready driver i had no issues. neither between 48-144hz nor under it.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (680.8 KB)

I have this issue as well if the screen goes to sleep. I can fix it by changing the refresh rate to 120 and then back to 144hz.

This appears to be the same bug as this: NVIDIA 470.74 Breaks Gsync (Compatible) Support (Monitor Modulates between 0 or 144hz and Flickers black)

If anyone running Ubuntu has this issue, can you please click on the “Affects me” link on this bug I’ve raised: Launchpad Bug for Ubuntu