GeForce 8600 GS

Can someone check for me the Maximum Temperature for GeForce 8600 GS?

I don’t seem to search for it because there isn’t much information about 8600 GS on the web…

Note: 8600GS, not 8600M GS

I have a GeForce 8600 GS. The max Temperature i have ever gotten with it was 75 Degrees Centigrade. I usualy get 68 - 72 Degrees now because i put an extra fan on it and I have it overclocked to the max. so without the fan it might get up to 80 Degrees. I would say the max is probably 105 Degrees Centigrade. The Idle temp is around 54 - 57. but since i have the fan it is anywhere from 47 - 54. so for u MAX TEMP IS 105

105C? That sounds incredibly high… You think that won’t destroy the video card within a few years?