GeForce MX110 and CUDA

Hi all!
Does this videocard (MX110) support CUDA or not? Official page contains no information in specifications. Some observers write, MX110 contains 256 Cuda Cores
I try to install CUDA, and I have system warning “This graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware”

GeForce MX110 is supported by CUDA. If you are using the latest CUDA version (10.0) there should be no problem. If you are installing an old CUDA version, its possible you could see that message.

Thank You! But another question is about CUDA 10 and Keras with Tensorflow. This ( instruction is about 9.0 version

Yes, it’s probably easier to use CUDA 9.0 in that case. CUDA 9.0 will work with your GPU. However you should leave your installed driver as-is, and deselect the option to install the driver with the CUDA 9.0 installer.

Does the above method worked??

i am using cuda 10.0 with cudnn 7.6.5 and yes it using tensorflow 2.0.0 i can access gpu as “tf.test.is_gpu_available()” returns true but after that i have to install opencv for which i have been now trying for about a month but i cannot find compute capability of MX110 anywhere , searching on wiki gave me 3 options for maxwell architecture 5.0, 5.2 and 5.3. For cuda arch bin value <5.3 it is not working and showing msg that its not compatible for values< 5.3 but for values equal or more than 5.3 it is building but showing the following warning while running a gpu program…
[INFO] setting preferable backend and target to CUDA…
[INFO] accessing video stream…
[ WARN:0] global /io/opencv/modules/dnn/src/dnn.cpp (1363) setUpNet DNN module was not built with CUDA backend; switching to CPU

i have tried using all the cuda arch no.s 5.0,5.2,5.3,6.0,6.1,7.0 and 7.5 but the same warning and it switches back to cpu.
please help

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