GeoJSON Converter

I’ve been trying to run the GeoJSON Converter (Beta) extension but get thrown with this error (uploaded screenshot)

I’ve tried to debug a bit and if I’m not wrong the error seems to generate from the function convert_geojson_python in the _geojson_converter lib file, but I cannot go deeper as there’s no source-code for these lib files. I’ve also run the extension’s tests and they all pass. I’m just trying to convert a very basic geojson with a simple polygon (attached) and facing this issue.

map.geojson (190 Bytes)

Update: the script runs through when you specify the full path to the file instead of just the directory it is in (unlike how it is in the official documentation).

However, it now gives the error “GeoJSON conversion failed” even for a very simple GeoJSON with a single polygon. I can confirm the GeoJSON is valid as it runs fine here:

Is there any sample data that is known to work with the extension or any pointers on how to debug the error in the GeoJSON file?