Loading USD file with error

Hi everyone,
How to fixed the following picture’s error?
The message said that my usd to mdl with an error but I can’t find out where the problem is.

Hi @vic-chen

This post may help:

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Hi @toni.sm ,
Thanks for your help, I have a question about the convert command.
1.usdcat -o whatever.usda input.usd
2.python process.py whatever.usda ← where is the process.py file location?
3.usdcat -o input.usd whatever.usda

If I don’t execute 2 and 3 commands, will the convert process work?

Hi @vic-chen

@eliabntt94 Can you please shed some light on this discussion?

Hi @toni.sm

The main issue is that the new Isaac versions give errors on various fields while loading some (perhaps old) USDs. I’ve verified this also with the one-before-last omniverse blender connector and with various old USDs files in my possess.

There are some fields (as the one share here) that are written as int within the USD file while the system expect float.
Moreover, even if the field is changed on float, if the number has no .xxx (decimal part) in it, it will trigger the same error.

Idk if it’s a problem of the converter, of the MDL file itself, or of the USD loader (in Isaac2021.2.1 there was no such problem)

To solve this what i did was to convert my binary USD files to text, process them, and reconvert them back.

@vic-chen command 1 is to convert the binary USD to text USDA file. Command 2 is just an example on how to process the text file, this is a blueprint that you can follow, I’ll push an updated script sometime soon. At that point you can either use the new USDA file that you process with python (or manually), or convert it back to USD (command 3)

Hi @eliabntt94

Thank you for clarifying :)

Hi @eliabntt94 and @toni.sm ,
Thanks for your help, I tried to convert my USD files, but unfortunately I still have not covert its success.
Because there are too many objects in my project, I’m not sure which one I should convert it. I found that even thought I didn’t convert the files, the project seems to can work in Isaac sim.
I’ll keep trying which USD file needs to be converted. Best regard to you.