USDs issues in IsaacSim

Hello there,
I’ve two issues to report with the USD format.
I’m trying out USDs converted from blender with an old version of the connector.
I’m getting a bunch of errors such as
UsdToMdl: Reached invalid assignment for parameter 'opacity_constant'. Tried to assign a 'int'(USD) to a 'float'(MDL) same for reflection_roughness_constant. I guess that this is the reason which some panels are missing on the materials shaders when I load the USD such as Albedo and Reflectivity.

Do you have a way to automatically update the USD files?

Second issue:
With network drives the system does not recognize relative paths and I’m force to post-process everything to get absolute paths. Is that solvable by me or is it a problem on your end?


Hi @eliabntt94 - This seems more of connector issue. I am moving this question to right forum.