Getting a segmentation fault in on Ubuntu 20.04


I am getting a segmentation fault error that is seemingly caused by

I put together a minimal example to reproduce it here:
You can also find a screenshot of gdb showing the stacktrace there.

Steps to reproduce (requires installed dotnet core 3.1, installation instruction can be found here:

  1. git clone
  2. cd avalonia-skia-minimal
  3. dotnet build
  4. dotnet run
  5. echo $? (to show error code 139)

Configurations I tested (all on the same machine):
Does not work: Ubuntu 20.04 + nvidia-440, nvidia-450, nvidia-435
Works: Windows 10 + latest nvidia driver, Ubuntu 20.04 + nouveau driver

I am currently developing a cross-platform application that uses Avalonia (and beneath Skia) for rendering. This is where I ran into this issue. I already checked with the developers of avalonia, who cannot find a problem on their end. Also, the problem does not occur on Windows, with nouveau or with an Intel graphics card.

I would highly(!) appreciate any help on this topic! It’s kind of exhausting. ^^"
Let me know, if I can help with any further information.


Also, find my nvidia-bug-report log here: nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (482.3 KB)

And the gdb screenshot too: